Yes because it is Saturday I can sleep in damn Harper needs a walk I hope we don’t encounter anymore snakes Someone last night witnessed a teen brawl scarier than any animal I suppose but yes we had a nice walk I really need to get my homework done glad we are getting a new medical assistant next Monday yes I hope she is good I can have my weekends less homework damn phone needs charging oh Ron called wants to Facetime I will call him back no answer stinko I should call patients back Linda doesn’t want to come into her appointment being cheap again why is she in a hotel oh Ron is calling me back yes oh my goodness what are you doing at Ron’s place what a pleasant surprise good thing I had my clothes on I have reading your blog for so long what a hoot you are visiting you are a wonderful woman you are I am glad you like Ron’s shirt I would have to make darts for your shirt you want a turn with the traveling shirt I know alas I must go I have an appointment to exercise Jim doesn’t have the air on today thank goodness I have a tank top on I am already sweaty turkish get ups haven’t done them in ages I saw Captain America last night he is good inspiration yes wish I had his stomach oh what a good work out considering my back is hurting and yes the post-work out stretches feel good best part of working out I suppose now I am home yes I need to make those hors d’oeuvres for the office party today at 5pm oh Someone is already making them it smells good in here spinach feta turnovers never made them before I hope they like them this tastes good not too high in calories no one at work is eating much no way am I getting into the pool in front of my co-workers I need to wear a Spo-shirt they haven’t seen yet Yes and I need to move the Shirt of Shirts on but Joe hasn’t responded who next I can’t remember Anne Marie is keen or is it Peter in Amsterdam or Walt in France he makes the best food I need to check my list I musn’t daddle I need to dictate charts and take a nap and shave and get to the office party later on I hope Someone is feeling better and we can go swimming and I can finish the Kay Thompson book and Someone and I can perhaps have a late night cuddle jolly good fun that would be nice I can get him to scratch my back and fall asleep dream of good things and Yes I said Yes I will yes.