Tomorrow is August 1st. This day is an important day for me. Later in life I learned the day actually has some historical significance, for it is Lammas Day, the end of summer/first day of autumn in ancient calendars. My Celtic blood bubbled long before I realized why.


August 1st is ‘Ancestors day’, for it is the birthday of my Grandfather. On this day I think on my ancestors in a sort of All Soul’s Day to commerate the dead; my dead. In honor of my Grandfather I have a dry martini, as was his wont. A few years ago I learned my cousin makes a manhattan for the same reason, to commerate her grandmother, my grandfather’s twin sister.


At an early age I started to associate August with the colour sky blue. I wear the appropriate shirt for the day.


August 1 or Lammas initiates the journey to Hallowe’en, or Samhain. Autumn is my favorite season; Spo fans know Hallowe’en is my favorite holiday. In August I used to start working on my brother’s costumes – not a moment to loose!  Nowadays stores have unconsciously joined me for this early preparation, for the autumn props appear in Joann’s and its ilk.


August is the time of our annual trek to Canada to The Stratford and Shaw Festivals.  We’ll stop in Toronto as well. This year we may meet some Canuck blogger buddies!?


My Tarot card for the month is The Tower. It warns me to be careful: there could be a major upheaval , or even a disaster.  I must be on my toes apparently.  (the card is reversed, which indicates this upheaval is more a nuisance than a major matter).

I wish all a good August. Happy Lammas and blessed be. Have a martini or a manhattan and say a prayer or a thought for those who came before you.


And if you are in Ontario in two weeks time, join me for a Tim Horton doughnut and a REAL cup of tea, no rubbish.