This entry is rather mawkish. It is a hymn to a dish of chopped tomatoes.

Every year when we go to Stratford, Ontario we like to visit our favorite stores and restaurants. One of our favorites is Down the Street, a cafe which we will visit at least twice: once of dinner and once for some after theatre. Bruschetta has been on the menu for many years.  I’ve had this marvelous dish (along with a glass of red wine) for my supper every year for many years.  I look forward to this with the same emotions other people have anticipating the Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham.

The bread, tomatoes, and goat cheese come together in a trinity beyond description. My mouth waters at the memory.

Last year, they didn’t have it on the menu. I almost cried. The owner, a marvelous woman, had the cook make a plate just for me. It was the best meal of the year.

I see by their website bruschetta is back on the menu, perhaps ‘back by popular demand’.  I am much looking forward to this.
If I could pick a ‘last meal’, it would be wine and bruschetta, sitting at Down the Street, thinking on all the marvelous times I have had in this restaurant.