Aside: this is my 1,700th post, and Spo-Reflections has seen its 800,000th visitor!  Thank you!

Every year when we visit Stratford for our annual summer theatre holiday, we stay at the same motel. It located in a purlieu by a small lake.  We have no evening show. After today’s matinee I realized there is nothing until bed time. I am sitting at the lake. In the distance I see swans swimming or merely being still, as I am. I hear nothing but the buzzing of crickets and some birdsong. There is no music, no conversation, nothing.

Can you imagine this? There is nothing to do. If I choose, I may sit like this for the next 5 hours.

People are bombarded all day long (and for some, all night too) with “in your face” ads, television, internet, and background music. Silence dwindles down with every year until there is hardly any at all. I don’t think the human brain or psyche can tolerate the 21st century’s level of perpetual noise. I also think we wouldn’t be such nervous wrecks if we turned everything now and then. A daily dose of silence may be as necessary for our health as a a multi-vitamin.

For people who meditate or have regular prayer time ‘the benefit of silence’ comes as no news. But for the rest of us this quiet advice may border on heresy.

We finally have internet.  After a leisurely supper, I will read some blogs (for I miss them) and then that’s it. Off go the iphones and the laptop. We will light a fire and sit, probably in silence, listening only to the crackling and popping of the burning wood, and to our inner thoughts.

Nothing. Silence.  I can feel my whole physiology taking a collective sigh.