Spo-fans may recall Someone and I turned off our smart phones during our time in Canada. A regular reader of Spo-Reflections asks how did I fare with a week without the iphone.

I did quite well thank you. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it went. There was no withdrawal or jonesing for Cut the Rope. It took no time at all to resort to my B.C ways*. There was no texting or iphone games either. Indeed, I read a book cover to cover, something I haven’t done in ages**.  Perhaps because I was on holiday the techless week had lots of free time and (best yet) time for sitting in thought or conversation. I slept better too, but this may be more a consequence of  good food and drink rather than the lack of an iprecious.

I remain suspicious of technology and especially of smart phones, which are turning everybody into self-absorbed zombies and/or ADHD cases. My guess is 5-10 years from now scientists will conclude we were all crazy as outhouse rats to have spent so much time using them.

I think I will try to imitate “the week without a smartphone”. I might declare each Tuesday a “no smart phone” day, or set a curfew to put away the thing after 8PM.

Someone wonders if my Smell-you-Nancy-Drew approach to smart phones will also be applied to blogging. Of course not, are you mad? The difference is obvious, but I shan’t bother to explain :-).

*Before Cellphone

**”Pride and Prejiduce” which was delightful.