I’ve just finished a rather exhausting week at work.  This is often the case after I return from a holiday. Work piled up and there was a lot to catch up. I keep thinking (hoping?) there are no more mentally ill people left in Phoenix, but the ‘new ones’ keep coming in in droves. Many of them are well over four feet. Most of them  are very complicated and/or distraught, what we psychiatrists call ‘train wrecks’. Many of the patients old and new have MAOS**. I am considering revising the diagnosis of Hysteria- and bringing back the use of straight jackets.

I came back from vacation having gained 4lb. I swear I didn’t eat that badly. True I didn’t exercise for a week, but 4lb? I’ve reached that age where one week off makes everything go to pot. Worse luck.

Late August in Phoenix is the Southwest equivalent of February in the Midwest. We are all sick and tired of the heat, locked up in the house where the AC runs nonstop and tempers flare. We are having another disappointing “Monsoon season” so there is no relief from the nonstop clear skies and perpetual sunshine.

There is still no word from the IRS about my refund matter; I am beginning to despair it will ever show.

On the positive, I did make another shirt, from fabric found on my trip to Hawaii last May. It is one of the better made shirts, and I am pleased with it.



I’ve had little time for blogging (or anything else). I haven’t read blogs in a week – I promise to get caught up this weekend !




**Major Acting Out Sh-t.