I haven’t been in a good mood lately. Some of this is the “fall melancholia” which usually comes out about this time of year. So far it isn’t too bad, a sort lying grayness that infiltrates everything.  The down mood has some other elements as well:

Recently I broke my spectacles which prompted an appointment with the optometrist. My glasses can’t be fixed, but it was three years ago since my last eye checkup, so it was time for a new lenses as well as frames. I asked for spectacles that would allow me to look down at a laptop screen and glance up over the glasses at my patients.  He recommended I get “progressive lenses” which seems to be a fancy modern word for “bifocals”.  And they ain’t cheap. Facing the daunting task of choosing new frames of the available 300 seemed too much, so I walked out and will do some other day.  I need to come to grips with the price and the realization that I have reached the age of needing bifocals.

A couple of months ago my boss invited Someone and I to dinner to meet her friends, a couple of men who have moved into the area. Apparently both sets of men have voiced difficulties in meeting other couples in the Valley. Bless her!  She hoped we would like each other. So last night we went on this “blind date”. Alas, it was a disappointment. I don’t recall either man asking us any questions who we are or what we do etc. We certainly heard a great deal about one of them. Without him realizing it, he said a couple of things demeaning about topics of which I am fond. They didn’t ask to exchange telephone numbers or emails.

I still haven’t had a decent time to “go on rounds” through the blog community. I feel like it has been 2 weeks since I have read any of them.  no doubt major things that occurred and I have missed all the news. Today is blog reading or bust.