I am heartbroken to learn The Personal Trainer is moving back to Chicago. Without him I fear I will slack off. I do better with structure and accountability (and discipline). I will attempt virtual/on-line instruction. TPT will send e-mails what to do, sort of recipes “take two 25lb weights and put them on the barbell….”  The more concrete the instructions the better, for I am like Amelia Bedelia.

Someone is going to drive to Chicago as well. He will help haul their possessions. He will also provide Mr. and Mrs. TPT breaks from each other if they so wish. It will take him/them three days to drive there, and three more days to drive back. He will stay in Chi-town for a day or two.

I will be home alone.

My propensity to wander around the house, distracted by shiny objects, worsens when left unsupervised. Another home-alone hazard is imploding into introversion. I have books to read and shirts to make. There is something schizoid about my withdrawing into the inner compartment of my mind, it is a sort of mental bubble where I am safe from the world.

I fancy I will make a few dinners I can eat over a few days. Perhaps I will make some ‘new and adventuresome” soup or stews, consumed with lots of tea.

Bachelor living at its finest.

Harper will need attention, so I can’t hibernate too deeply. Both of us will need walking.

Nevertheless the house will be quiet.