For a  Labor Day Weekend with ‘nothing scheduled’ it seems busy – enough I haven’t been on line. My weekend is filled with degenerate doings, the sort that shocks and scares Michelle Bachmann (but not Mr. Bachmann, who remains a bit of a worry).
So far:

I got a hair cut. Dictated charts. Worked on a my cookbook. Sewed a shirt. Let Harper in/out several times. Went the the gym. Saw a theatre “Oedipus for Kids”.  Bought new glasses (progressives). Called my parents. Chatted with Ron of “Retired in Delaware”.

Such depravity.

And there isn’t much for today. I have a to shope for a little items, and I want to finish the mentioned shirt. Today or tomorrow I want to get out some autumn decorations.

Alas, it remains over 100 degrees so it hardly seems autumnal.

After church and a trip to the dog park I hope to spend a lazy afternoon reading blogs. Perhaps I will think of a proper entry. A nap may be in order.

Just don’t tell Governor Perry.


ADDENDUM:  Here is my hair cut.  I don’t care for the mustache. 😦