Yesterday’s tongue in cheek entry about my rancid ways raised a few eyebrows. I assure you I am not axing patients or growing fangs.  That’s the trouble with the written word; it is hard to convey the nuances of spoken language necessary to clarify meaning. Perhaps if I were a better writer this would be better.  So far there are no terse words from The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections, who may have missed the satire entirely.  They and I don’t find the same things funny.
My ‘home alone’ time is coming up next week. Someone calculated he will be on the road x 3 days, then 3-4 days in the Chicago area, and another 3 days to drive home. This will be our longest time apart.  He’s making a list when I should take Harper to doggy day-care and what days to set out the trash.  He’s preparing chili for me to consume in piecemeal. It is rather sweet of him to treat me so.  It makes me recall the times Mother would go away for a week on one of her bridge parties, leaving Father to fend for himself. She organized everything and then he forgot it all. I dare say he didn’t even listen, knowing I would ‘take over’ and run the house for him**. I trust I am more competent than Father at operating the washer machine and cooking my eggs.

Although I have visions of a week of cozying up with the dog to music and food Someone doesn’t like, fact is I will be working.  M-F are consumed with work and after work exercises and home work, so perhaps I won’t even notice Someone is gone? What a thought!  At least I should notice the accumulation of half consumed glasses that usually take themselves back to the kitchen.

I worry about Henrik. Spo-fans may recall Henrik is the droopy ghost who haunts the west side of the house. I wonder if he will be more active (and bothersome) in Someone’s absence.  The notion of a week of Henrik creeping up behind me more than usual doesn’t sound at all good company.

Next Thursday I go to the symphony by myself – who will poke me in the ribs to keep me awake?  Perhaps I can hire an escort to provide the poking I so need.  [Oooh! That doesn’t sound right, does it?]

I will keep you posted how “home alone” happens.

If I show signs of cracking up please send the Marines.

The pretty ones; no rubbish.

**Which I did well. My experience taking care of Father and three younger brothers led me to specialize in Men’s Issues and male psychology. I figured I may as well get paid for it.