Harper has me well trained; every morning (whether I want to or not) she announces her desire for a walk. We continue to enjoy our early AM romps. Happily it is cooling down, and the sun is no longer up before we venture out. We’ll be ‘doing it in the dark’ until spring.

Encountering wildlife still gives me the creeps. We haven’t seen any more snakes (I look down a lot). Yesterday we met up with a coyote. It seemed curious rather than threatening. It followed us for awhile. This morning while turning a corner we literally ran into a different sort of creature: a shirtless well-built man who had in his left hand the leashes of two very large dogs. In his right; a very large Starbucks coffee. Stud, dogs, and java were all in a run, and the near collision created chaos only for a minute. No coffee was spilled in the process.

Someone has given me an app for walking. It provides GPS, the time, the pace, the distance walked, calories spent, and some background music to boot. All very well, but a female voice periodically interrupts the music (and my thoughts) with statistics announcements. The implication is to ‘get going’. I need to figure out how to turn off Miss Bossy-boots or she will drive me to distraction.

This morning instead of daydreaming about mundane things like how to run into Mr. Coffee again I realized the meaning of life. It was rather simple really. I figure it would make a good blog entry some day, if anyone is interested.