At this moment life doesn’t feel very interesting. My ‘fall melancholia’ is active, so nothing feels exciting. I’ve had enough experience with this to know I only need to wait it out. It feels rotten, but it passes – like influenza.  I tried to brighten up the workday by moving the furniture around in the office I use on Tuesday and Thursdays. It was the nurse’s until she left one month ago. I made the place more ‘left handed friendly. It doesn’t compensate for its bareness. There is nothing in the room but a sofa, a desk and two chairs. It is rather bleak. At least now I can sit and write and look at patients. I used to have them behind me.

Sometimes I am rather petty about blogging. There are several blogs I read and comment upon regularly, yet they don’t reciprocate. Perhaps they read me, but never leave comment. Most of the time this doesn’t bother me, but with my moods rather raw, it rankles.

I started ‘virtual work outs’ via the TPT who sends me e-mail instructions.  Working out my myself is a bit lonely; I miss his company. Without direct supervision I don’t trust myself to exercise properly. I will give it a try. I am the fellow continually rechecking an index card.

Someone made it home safe and sound. He immediately went to sleep, so I did not hear about his trip until this evening.  It sounds like he had a nice time.

I got my new glasses, which are ‘progressives‘. When I look at a my laptop screen it becomes a sort of trapezoid. It wiggles back and forth like a jello mold.  I don’t care much for this effect. Is it supposed to act this way? I have no reference.