In yesterday’s entry I mentioned I am left-handed. A Spo-fan responded he finds lefties sexy. Well! This is the first time I’ve heard this as a turn-on. What do you call those attracted to southpaws? Port-queens?

I am the only lefty in my family. No one tried to force me to be right-handed. Living in a right handed world has its challenges. I’ve learned to do right handed out of necessity, like using scissors or unzipping a fly.  Like a lot of lefties, I can use my right hand in lieu of my left. I learned to sign with my R hand, which allows me to sign and write at the same time.

I suspect my propensity towards a lack of coordination is based on my general confusion which side do I use. To this day I am unable to throw a ball.  Father gave up trying to teach me guitar and Uncle couldn’t teach me golf. The music teacher scolded me for picking up the French Horn ‘the wrong way’.  I’ve given up on all these activities three.

Someone is right handed. I always take the left side of things, such as hotel room drawers, or closet space. In restaurants I scout location towards the sitting arrangements. This allows us both free use of our dominant hands.

I’ve heard tell lefties have a higher number of geniuses than right-handers.  I have also heard there are also more left-handed psychopaths.

Is there a link between left handedness and being gay? I don’t know.  I am curious if lefties also have larger L testicles to their R, and does the L hang lower than its fellow? While I are down there, does one’s John Thomas list to port?

Are any of you Spo-fans left-handed?

How ‘left’ are you, or are you like me who does some activities left, some right?

Was anyone forced to be ‘right’?