My friend Tom, of “Jesus had two daddies”, recently wrote how his daughter brought five things to school.  This was for a sort of “Show and Tell”. The five objects represent or symbolize who and what she is. Tom asks “What five things would you (his readers) pick to symbolize yourself?”

A good question.

I have been meditating on this for a few days. Here are my five objects.

#1 – Rosary Beads

I have a rosary of Jacob’s tears, who is a friend of mine. Brother Frank is a Dominican. The set is packaged in a light blue pouch. He gave it to to me so I will always remember Mary and the Saints of Heaven are on my side, only a prayer away. I carry these beads almost everywhere I go. They represent a promise. I want to die holding this item.


#2 – A Spo-shirt

I would bring in one of my home made shirts. I would probably pick my sky blue, for it was the first shirt I made. This object represents my creativity and my hobby. Fashions may come and go, but this is my style.


#3 – A bow tie

It doesn’t matter which one, choose from any of the dozens I have. The majority of men who wear bow ties do so because the majority of men do not. This object represents my profession, and my individualism. People see bow ties and I as one in the same. The aloha shirt and the bow tie represent the two parts I present to the world.


#4 – The book “The Phantom Tollbooth”

I pick this object to represent my passion for reading. And it reflects my imagination. I read many books before this one, but it was this one that transformed me into a reader. For this I am eternally grateful. This book started my Journey, to go to the Lands Beyond.

I vacillated on what would be #5. I changed my mind several times. I wanted something simple and concrete, yet symbolic. But nothing could dislodge the object that kept coming up:

#5 – Spo-Reflections

I would provide the link It is not a single thing per se, but it contains who I am. Through various mediums, artists convey what can’t be said in words. Paradoxically, writers express what can’t be said in words by using words.  The actual words are not as important as what they convey (or try to convey).  A blog is one big ‘Show and Tell’.

This is who I am, and I want to explain or express it all to you.

It makes me glad that some of you find it marvelous.