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Finally! This week a couple of cold fronts will come along and drop the seemingly ceaseless high temperatures below 100. There are rumors of going into the 60s! It will allow us to turn off the AC and open some windows and let in some fresher air. I say ‘fresher’ as there is no such thing as fresh air in Phoenix. Ironically, as the temperature drops, the pollution settles down into the valley.

Someone reminded me the world ends on 21 October. I had forgotten as there hasn’t been anything in the media about it. You may recall there was a lot of fuss about some preacher man predicting The Rapture happening last May. We held a ‘Rapture party’ for all those left behind (which turned out to be everybody). If memory serves, this is the 3rd time the preacher man has predicted The End. 21 October falls on a Friday, which is rather inconvenient for Armageddon. So we will host a “I’m still here” party on 22 October.

I went shopping last weekend and saw the various Hallowe’en items for sale. This invariably cheered me up. We avoided buying candy, knowing it will not live to see All Hallow’s Eve.

October is the start of the opera season. It opens with I Pagliacci. In this opera, a traveling circus act goes awry when the clowns on stage start to act out their real life problems. The clown’s wife is having an affair; on stage they are playing out a comedy similar. He breaks out of character, they fight, and ultimately he stabs her.  The opera audience watches the stage audience watching the performance. They grow more excited as ‘the actors really get into their parts” until they realize they are witnessing real domestic violence ending in murder. Jolly good fun!


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