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My Father and I are alike as two peas. Ever since I was a baby I have heard this is so. Once upon a time a couple stopped me in Chicago, and inquired if I was related to Thomas. “We know your parents. We figured you must be related, as you look just like him.”

I grew whiskers to tell us apart, but this hasn’t helped much. Even with a beard and a boyfriend, the mannerisms give me away as Tom Jr.

As I age, it only gets worse. I catch myself doing more and more ‘Father’ things. When I interact with a wait person I hear Father talking.  When Someone and I wonder what the other will be like twenty years hence, he states he doesn’t have to imagine – he knows how I will be.  Someone to his credit hasn’t ran away.

Another attempt at individuation is what I drink. He drinks coffee; I drink tea. One day when Father was visiting me, I woke to hear him opening and shutting cupboard doors downstairs in the kitchen. He shouted upstairs where was the coffee? I explained (again) I don’t have any coffee, remember?  He went down the street for some Dunkin Donuts coffee, for it was the closest available.

That Christmas he gave me a real nifty Mr. Coffee machine.

Since that fateful day, he prefers Dunkin Donuts to any other brand of coffee. So where am I going with this?  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I am often sleepy in the daytime, and there is no decent tea to be had. The receptionist who likes coffee, often makes us a pot. I have grown found of this, and find myself looking forward to my afternoon cup.

Nearby the office is a construction site. I’ve watched the building going up but not certain what it was going to become. I hoped it would be a restaurant. You guessed it – it is going to be a Dunkin Donuts! Their banner is slowly counting down the days to Opening Day. That day is tomorrow. I can practically hear the call of the coffee. I also hear the cackle of Sigmund Freud emanating from shrink heaven.

Soon I will be stopping in on Tuesdays and Thursdays – for I won’t be able to stop myself –  for a Thomas Spo Memorial cup of Dunkin Donuts.

I just damn well better not eat any doughnuts. 

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