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Raybeard (the dear!) has me thinking about pet peeves. This is not a good thing really. Almost by definition, pet peeves are little things that make you instantly irate, raise your blood pressure, and do no good.

All the same, I think if more people spoke up and expressed ‘that is just wrong!” maybe some of the offenders may shape up.

So, here is my list of Pet Peeves, in no order. Each of these things burns my bacon. I think they are self-explanatory, but I will clarify any ‘why the heck does that upset you?” questions without having a stroke.


Smokers who throw their butts out the car window.

Drivers on their cell phones.

The words ‘Yeah’ for yes and ‘no problem’ for ‘You’re welcome’.

People in restaurants, talking on their cell phones.

Dog owners who don’t pick up the poop.

Service people who express annoyance or indifference to my request for service.

Talking during the movie, theatre, or the opera.

Drivers who don’t stop at the corner stop sign, because they think no one is looking.

At the gym, people who go pass the 30 minute limit of machines, when others are waiting.

Airplane passengers, talking on their cellphones.

Patients who bring beverages into their appointments.


Cellphones going off in church, even after we were told to make sure they were turned off.

Drivers who drive past all the others, and wait until the last minute to merge left or right into traffic.

People feigning illness to get on the airplane sooner, or who bypass the ‘wait until your zone is called’ request.

Barry Manilow.

People at the gym, on the elliptical machine, talking on cell phones.

At the buffet, people taking the middle out of an item, instead or taking the piece that is next in order.

Patients, who answer their cellphones their appointment.

Pop up adds when visiting a website.

Men who don’t wash their hands after taking a leak.

Recyclable items in the trash.

Patients who treat me as a waiter.


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