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Several of the apps on my iphone provide me with information. Thanks to technology my thirst for new knowledge is satiated on a daily basis, whether I want it or not. The cellphone acts like a very diligent waiter who watches my iced tea glass, filling it up as fast as I drain it.

These daily dabbles come in sequence. They start early. The AMA wakes me with a trumpet blast, announcing ‘Morning Rounds’ has been delivered.  I receive recent medical findings and political matters. At 5AM I am not interested in the details, so I skim rather than read. Harper also wakes, which  signals it is time for a dog walk.

The NPR then sends me (via e-mail) “The Writer’s Almanac”. This consists of a daily poem. It next tells what famous writer has a birthday today, going on to tell me all about the writer.

Later in the morning announces the is ‘Word of the day’.  Today’s word was “titubant”. There is also ‘Question of the day’, which is usually about grammar, or how to discriminate two close words, like tortuous vs. torturous. Some of these words have gotten into my daily use:

purlieu, canorous, cosher, limpid, and brindled – to name a few.

Some apps don’t announce themselves, but are available for daily consultation:

Tarot of the day.  You shake the iphone and it ‘picks’ one card upon which to reflect and be mindful of that day. If you don’t like it, you can shake it again and something else will come up.

“This day in history” is self explanatory. It also lists birthdays.

“Saint of the Day” is also self explanatory.

I suppose the weather apps are also ‘daily types’, for they give me the daily positions of the stars, the times when the sun rises and sets, and phase of the moon. The “Moon” app announces the precise moment of the full moon. Neil Armstrong is their announcer, and he doesn’t wait for convenience. I could wake at any hour. Between Mr. Armstrong and the AMA my nights are not very peaceful.

So each day I am up to date on poetry, medicine, astronomy, history, religion, and grammar.

I may not sleep much but I sure sound smart !

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