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Recently Yahoo sent me a notice another person subscribed to my blog. This means whenever I post, this new Spo-fan is made aware and can stop by to read my latest. Notices like this make me realize I have achieved my dream: I am a writer!  Who would have thunk it? What started as a means of self-expression has turned into something people read regularly – can you imagine?  I can put myself on the good ship “Authors” if only as stowaway in one of the lifeboats.  I may not be paid for writing Spo-Reflections (worse luck) but it pleases me to no end people find it interesting.

I thank Michael of Temporary Trouble Spots over and over  for encouraging me to take up blogging. I also bless the late Barbara Holland, an authoress I greatly admire, who sent me an e-mail of encouragement to write.

Once upon a time there was a woman named Rosemary Brown. Her claim to fame was dead composers used her as a channel to write out compositions. She claimed several utilized her, each using her in a different way. Liszt would guide her hands on the keys. Beethoven would simply dictate, a method she disliked because she never knew what the piece would sound like until it was written out. For fun, I imagine I am being channeled by dead authors. It tickles my fancy to think my fingers are typing out compositions guided by Dickens, Twain, Holland, Flannery O’Connor, and Alice Thomas Ellis (to name my favorites). If so, I must be an awful disappointment to them, for try as I may to emulate them, nothing I write comes close to their class (although Ms. Ellis would be pleased at my use of the term Someone).

This nonsense is an amusing daydream. Truth is, what I write is my own (I think). I am pleased to do so, and further pleased others read it.

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