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I subscribe to a education service called The Great Courses.  This curious company  provides college level courses on a variety of topics for nuts like me who love to learn things just for the fun of it.  They provide no degree or college credits: it is for the sheer joy of learning.  Someone and I both listen; we prefer the history courses. The lecturers are very good. I’ve listened to two dozen of them and only one has fallen flat. (The professor rambled so).  I listen to the half hour long lectures while driving to and from work.


My iphone currently contains:

Luther: Gospel, Law, and the Reformation

Nutrition Made Clear

Stress and the Body

History of England from the Tudors to the Stuarts. 

History of the United States – WWII and the Cold War. 


Trouble is, my ADD wired humming bird mind doesn’t stay attentive to one topic at a time. I tend to listen to a few lectures in one series, ‘get full’, and jump to another.  As a consequence, they tend to get mixed up.  Worse, my psyche tends to borrow their contents to make dream work which resembles a perverse fruit salad.

For example – let’s look a last night’s dream:

FDR and Churchill were meeting prior to their Yalta conference with Martin Luther. They wanted to make sure the conference’s servings portions were not too large and consisted of 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 lean protein, and 1/4 low glycemic index pasta. King Charles II of England failed to attend due to stress, his ulcer was acting up and he couldn’t travel. But everyone was saved through a combination of Grace (not good works) and Vitamin D supplements. Although Henry VIII lost 3% body weight, it was not enough for him to have a heart attack due to lack of exercise, and poor portion control.

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