Hallowe’en weekend is here and there is work to be done!
I have a list as long as a goblin’s nose of things to do.    The menu for the All Hallow’s Eve feast is set; Someone and I have a dish to pass for the Monday night block party. I want to bring a treat to work as well. So there are lots of groceries to get.   We need to get some pumpkins to carve, and candy to distribute (no rubbish either).
Between the cooking projects I need to do my homework, go to the gym, and finish decorating the outside.

I haven’t forgotten – ~ two dozen people requested Hallowe’en Tarot cards reads.  I have a lot of shuffling to do !!
Lot of work to do, indeed!

The Hallowe’en Menu

Black Vodka Martinis

Black corn salsa

pumpkin soap

Flank steak

eyeball pasta

jack-o-lantern stuffed bell peppers

Snickerdoodles with baked apples and  cinnamon ice cream (homemade)

Suffer, Martha S !!!!

And I have a dozen of so Tarot Card readings to do for all the Spo-fans who requested such!

So I must dash…. I will give you a full report the minute they carry me back from all this holiday hype.