The neighborhood didn’t waste any time putting up the Christmas lights. Our neighbors don’t go for the discreet look but for the over the top type of displays. Many homes look like a Carnival Cruise Ship. It remains macabre to see inflatable snowmen and reindeer amongst the prickly pears and cacti.   If we put up lights this year, it will be mid-December and not before. This is interpreted by some as another aspect of those God-less militant queers who want to force people to sing The National Anthem in Spanish etc.

An insurance agent came to clinic last month to review my charts to see if I have proper documentation. I got the review today – I have perfect score of 100%, ‘beating the market’ standard of 85%.  This makes me the Mary Poppins of Medicine viz. practically perfect in every way – at least when it comes to charting.  I have to find some way to convey this to my bosses without looking too boastful.  I would like a pony for my achievement, but I will settle for groveling adoration of how fortunate they feel to have me and can they offer me a raise.

The parents are being sneaks. Brother #2 and Brother #4 convey Mother is not doing well. She’s lost weight, she has weak legs; she had a fall and she got stuck somewhere unable to rise from a sitting position. When I confront P&M they dismiss these matters as exceptional. They are too polite to use the words ‘nosy kids’ or ‘drama queen’. Yet and still, I smell a rat. Perhaps ‘a confession’ will get their kids into a ‘what are we going to do with mother?” mentality when all she wants is piece and quiet. Oh Parents !

Our gym (Bally’s) is being bought by L.A. Fitness. On 1 December I will have a new gym to attend, for there is a L.A. Fitness literally within walking distance of work. I hope this promotes more frequent exercise and less time to do it.