Someone has a cold; he got it from me. I am surprised it took this long. I’ve been sniffing and coughing for a few weeks, so how he managed to dodge it until now is a mystery. Poor Someone. I hope his doesn’t last too long.

Harper still needs her exercise, so I am doing all the dog walking.  Dog and I are making the rounds, inspecting the neighborhood Christmas lights. Tonight we saw some lights I’ve never seen: they were hanging in a horizontal line from the gutter. They were in the size and shape of large carrots. They changed colour, going through the rainbow, about a dozen at a time. This produced the effect of a rainbow flag whizzing by. They were rawther unusual.

The winter constellations are coming up in the east. They are my favorite, being so bright and easy to spot.  Like old friends who drop in for the holidays, they bring comfort and cheer.  Orion is my favorite.

Harper is getting more assertive on our dog walks. She likes to stop and sniff the shrubbery.  Sometimes we get into a mild tug-o-war; I want to keep going and she wants to stay put.  She has developed sudden change of mind to wit she’ll slow down, pause, waffle back and forth, and then turn towards home, pulling me at a mighty clip, apparently determined to go home NOW.  Well, a girl can change her mind, can’t she?

At the end of our walks she makes a beeline to the pantry, eager for a treat. Sometimes I think her excitement for a walk is really about the anticipated dog treat.