Recently I’ve had a series of disappointments.  None have been major, but there’s been a bunch. The gym was sold to another; where I usually go will be shut down.  Some tasks I hoped to do haven’t been accomplished. I’ve waited a few months for a colonscopy only to have it canceled on me – it will take several months more to find a time to try another.  Someone has a cold, so a few activities were canceled as well.

I was hoping for us to ‘go home to Michigan” but the expense is enormous; we will stay here. My family is disappointed  of course.

Things like that.

There is a scene in “Angels in America” where Harper’s mother-in-law tells her to accept life being a series of disappointments, which in itself is a disappointment.

I deal with disappointments all day long with patients. Lots of their complaints and depressive symptoms arise from their sense of disappointment: in themselves, others, work/life, the World, God, etc.

I suppose we all have too many expectations. And we are not plastic enough to ‘go with the flow’ when things don’t quite work out the way we want things to be.  This is especially true at Christmas time, when most of us have ideal  holiday scenarios dancing around in our heads, waiting to crash.

In the tarot deck, the 5 cups shows someone mourning three spilled cups, but he doesn’t see the two cups he still has.   The 4 cups card shows a man looking forlorn at the three cups he isn’t aware of a new cup being offered.

The lessons here are plain – be grateful for what you have, and be mindful what Life is offering, rather than what it is not.