I am having a rare moment of quiet.  Someone’s TV is off; my ipod/iphone are off as well. The house is still. The only sound I hear is the hum of the laptop and the little patter of my fingertips, staccato on the keyboard.

The serenity of silence is rather pleasant. It is hard to imagine ‘quiet’ was once upon a time the norm and not the exception.  It is too bad I don’t encounter more of it viz. turn everything off and sit in silence. For it is delightful.

All day long I am bombarded by noise , which I define as sound I didn’t ask to have.  Stores are noisy enough without piped music. I despise waiting rooms, airport lounges, and dentist chairs where I am trapped by the presence of a TV blaring away.  I am suspicious too of background music and white noise makers.  As a nation we are suspicious of peace and quiet, which now has the negative description of ‘dead air’.

I don’t think our ears and psyches should have perpetual auditory stimulation.  Perhaps we wouldn’t be so nervous or cranky if we had more silence. Mind! Silence would have to be created or even fought for its existence.

This week I will try to make a little more quiet and a lot less noise.

I will turn off the music, close the door, and enter into The Quiet.