I don’t eat treats anymore (alas), but it is Christmas time. I suspect The Personal Trainer will allow me a little Christmas cheer.* With visions of sugarplums dancing in my head and an armful of my cookbooks I am brainstorming which sugar cakes will be made this season.

This year I hope to make some old favorites and something new and adventuresome.  The traditional cookies are a no-brainer:

Mother’s infamous gingerbread-cookies

Grandfather’s “S” cookies


Snickerdoodles   (red and green sugar)

Picking out the ‘new and adventuresome’ cookies is the challenge. You would think there only so many ways to combine flour, sugar, oil, and a few spices, wouldn’t you? Going through the my cookbook collection and various cooking apps, I am becoming overwhelmed by the countless number of cookies. I feel like an employer who put up a ‘for hire’ sign only to receive thousands of resumees and CVs. Nevertheless, it’s a fun task, figuring out which ones to try.

Like Jane and Michael Banks writing their advertisment for a perfect nanny, The Cookies of Christmas Present should meet some criteria:

They should be ‘fun’ to make. Cookie making should be fun, not a drudge. I suppose I am saying long, complicated Martha Stewart/it takes special equipment/takes 3 days to create etc. are too much work for a cookie.

They should be festive, suggesting “Christmas time”.

They should be ‘fabulous’ so when presented to others, there is a ‘ooh!” response.

Ideally, these new cookies should be freezable or at least have a long shelf-life. I wish to eat them over a long period of time.


They shouldn’t have coconut  (I am allergic).

I realize these are not very specific.  But I will recognize a potential when I see it.

If any Spo-fans have some favorites, please pass them on!


*And if he doesn’t, I’ll tell the Grinch to flake off.