This curious thing is actually at the office, not around the house.  It is an amethyst. It sits on my desk. Greek physicians believed amethyst absorbed negativism and sadness. They used it in treating depression.  A therapist gave me this stone, stating with all the negativism I encounter it should be a boulder.  He also gave me instructions to wash it in salt from time to time, to leach out the absorbed negativism.  I’ve never done this; I suspect it is quite saturated with depression and no good anymore as as a psychic room sanitizer.

Over the years, a few patients have given me stones and crystals for my ‘rock garden’ on the shelf.   I have several around the office. This is a good thing, for I am partial to stones, metals,  and (mostly) rocks. Even my name conveys a wellness from rocks. I don’t press them to my body, or wear them for treatment, but I feel better having some around me.

I know of a song that starts with “Stone and Sea are deep in life….”.   I am apt to recite this whenever I feel a need for strength.

I am especially fond of hematite, which is oxidized iron. When I was a boy, my uncle/godfather called me “Iron Mike” a nickname I still enjoy.  It sounds butch and masculine, but mostly it sound solid.  I like to aim for this; steadfast and solid, with the ability to withstand fire, floods, and assaults.

Like the rocks at Stonehenge nothing knocks me down.  Or so I hope.