Tonight we attend the Encore performance of the HD “Live from the Met” production of the opera “Satyagraha”.  It is about Gandhi and the struggle for Indian independence. It looks stunning and I can hardly wait.  The old war-horse operas suffer from familiarity: I know them well enough to compare them to new productions.  A new opera has no expectations.

I greatly admire Warriors, and Gandhi was one of the greatest. The fact he was not violent doesn’t make him any less a Warrior. Indeed, his quest for justice using non-violence makes him one of the noblest Warriors of all history.

Outside the Met, not too far away , are the Occupy Wall Street folks.  I don’t know who they or what they are trying to accomplish.  At first glance, they seem like Warriors. I hope they have vision and are not merely rabble rousers or worse, anarchists.  It would be a shame to have their zeal be wasted simply because there was Warrior energy in them.  Time will tell if a Warrior leader(s) rises up from their ranks.

Gandhi started with a simple notion – he wanted to correct a discrimination: he was thrown off a train as ‘his type’ was not allowed. His simple cause grew into something beyond his initial vision and expectation.

I wonder if the Occupiers will see a similar path.

Regardless of the fate of Occupy Wall Street, I hope we all can be in touch with Warrior energy, and daily stand up for Justice, Rights, and the Universality of Man.