A Spo-fan recently informed me he eats all the chips he desires, and he never gains an ounce. This proves once and for all the Universe really is unfair and/or ruled by malevolent gods.  I love chips, but I can’t eat any, for one chip is enough for me to gain a pound.

The gods may have blessed me with little desire for sugar, but they hit me broad side with a craving for starch. Bastards.

Bread and noodles are my nemesis. Chips, in any form, are my ultimate love object. If someone asked me “Quickly now! Which do you prefer, good sex or a bowl of chips” I would have to think about it.

When The Personal Trainer and I set up an exercise/weight loss programme, he forbade me to to eat too many carbohydrates in ‘low glycemic index form”.  This is hard to do. I so miss pasta, using the bread machine, and eating that ultimate comfort food AKA Macaroni and Cheese.

I’m ashamed to report I am not doing well this season, “Just Saying No to CHO”. I find it hard to refrain from noodle dishes and things that go crunch in the night (oh! the salty bliss of pretzels!).  It doesn’t help my cravings for starches go up during times of stress.

Now it is the Holiday season – ugh! How am I to dodge all the goodies?  Like an alcoholic, I have to take things one day at a time.

All the same, I hope to have some sort of hot noodle dish for Christmas. I salivate at the thought.