After a period of making some Spo-shirts for others, I made one for myself. Sometimes Christmas in Phoenix is warm enough for a short sleeve shirt.  I like holly, so I purchased this fabric last summer thinking it would make a jolly Christmas shirt.

Fabrics often surprise me, to wit, a fabulous fabric once assembled into a shirt sometimes lacks élan. At other times, a friend asks me to make him a shirt from a fabric I think looks tentative, only to see the finished product and be wowed by it.  My ‘Christmas’ fabric assembled itself into a “Yule shirt”.  In it, I feel like a Green Man or The Ghost of Christmas Present.

I am not disappointed though, I like it. In fact, I am proud to see this shirt came out with an “A” grade !  All the details came together; I’ve learned from my mistakes. If you look closely the fronts match to make a continuing pattern. My sewing mentor, Jerrold, would be proud of me.

After I recorded it in my sewing log, I realized it is my 50th shirt. A happy anniversary, indeed!  I’ve said this before; what a marvelous journey this has been, making these shirts!  Out of the 50, 24 of them were made for others.

Well, there is more work to be do. I have 4-5 people waiting for their shirts (hang in there Cajun, Michael, George !), and I want to make at least 4 more for me, so I can have one for ‘each day of the month’ as it were.