Hot puppies! I had a series of delightful surprises this week. The boss-man informs me I get a raise next year, in token of their appreciation of my work. Considering many get a pay-cut or even ‘the sack’ at this time of year I feel fortunate and I am grateful.  I also found out the clinic is closed Monday 26 December and 2 January!  This gives me 2 unexpected 3-day weekends.

Friday night Someone and I will go out for a beer and a light supper, for I want to show off my new shirt.  Afterwards I will bake gingerbread cookies into the night, in preparation of frosting them tomorrow.

Over the years I’ve collected a cornucopia of cookie cutters. Every Christmas I have the dilemma of figuring out which ones to use.  Some traditional stencils ‘go without saying’ viz. the gingerbread boy, the holly leaf (my favorite), the Christmas trees, and the star. Since we moved to Arizona, the repertoire has taken on a Southwest element with gingerbread javelinas, fetish bears, and cacti (jolly good fun!).  Unaccustomed to so much sugar, it all makes my head swoon; I keep a strong cup of unsweetened tea nearby for equilibrium.

Confession: I may blow off ‘Midnight mass’. This is shameful, but I can’t stay up anymore to midnight. Apparently I am not the only one, for the number of people who attend the 430pm Mass is a scene out of “Soylent Green”.

Christmas dinner should be yummy – hors d’oeuvres and champagne, followed by a honey baked ham with potatoes and green bean casserole. For afters, a birthday cake for Baby Jesus (photo to follow).

On Christmas eve and day I light the reindeer candelabra – and every other candles too. An out of control Christmas flambeaux is a long time anxiety for Someone.

But not to be worrying: I haven’t burned the house down yet, hohoho.