I have today off (!) so Someone and I decided to do ‘New Year’s Eve” last night. We went out to our favorite bar for popcorn, drinks, and broadway tunes videos. I’m afraid I was a bit of a disgrace; I had three drinks. Bartender Scott (cute as a bug’s ear) makes sensational dirty martinis and flirts just enough to keep them selling. How can you refuse a man who promises to give you the “best shake” in town?  The taste was divine, but I was soon pickled, unaccustomed as I am to strong spirits. (hohoho)

I remember conversing with a young man on Scruff. Despite our age differences, he was entranced with me and apparently quite ready to make my aquaintence. I wondered why, for I have sweatshirts older than he. He too was eager to serve me drinks.

During the video of Marilyn Monroe singing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” Someone and I had a mild bar fight when he discovered I have never seen this movie and I “should leave this house”*

Someone was the designated driver.

At home we ate black eyed peas, which Someone makes every New Year’s Day. This is for good luck.  I prefer another activity on NYD for my good luck (well it makes me feel fortunate), but Someone has a cold, and the young man from Scruff signed off, alas.  So I walked the dog, fell into the hot tub for a short while to sober up some, and went to bed. Happy New Year!

This morning I am not feeling too happy and serves me right.  I made some New Year Resolutions, which I won’t bother posting, for they mostly pertain to personal habits that want improvement.

Today, we go to the gym, and tidy up the back yard, for Brother #3 and family arrive from Seattle, escaping gray rainy skies for some warmth and sunshine. I asked if they wanted anything more than that: Sister-in-law wants margaritas.  Oh dear.

*Someone was in a community production of “Jeffrey”; he knows all the lines and uses them well.