I’ve been up to my ears with family events, with Brother #3 et. al. in town, so I’ve had no time to write, or read my blogs. I keep one or two compositions on file, ‘just in case’, there is no time to scribble. ‘Got to keep the Spo-fans fed and happy!  Here’s one I wrote one day during a rinse cycle…..


It amazes me two grown men (neither with much fashion sense) generate so much laundry. I suppose it makes sense: we both go to the gym regularly, and I have both work and casual wear. For hygiene sake, we frequently turn over the dish towels. So it shouldn’t be a shock the washer and dryer are in perpetual motion.  My dirty duds usually outweigh Someone’s. Apparently I am more messy or he doesn’t dirty anything.

I know many who despise doing the laundry, but I’ve never minded.  I find it rather soothing. In our house Someone does the laundry more often than I. We have different styles.  He tends to accumulate huge piles  that get washed and ironed in one swallow; I like small loads done daily.  I am not a good ironer, so I defer this to Someone.

We’ve learned not to fold clothes together.

The dry cleaners is not too far away, and they boast how ‘green’ and organic they are. Yet in summer when we drop off things off their doors are always open, leaking AC. They let you recycle wire hangers, of which we have plenty. Someone keeps his dry cleaned garments in the plastic bags until use; I think this looks bad, but it keeps out the moths.

A final note on laundry: I continually lose socks. This never happens to Someone, who doesn’t buy the theory the dryer has a portal to another dimension that sucks away socks.