Last weekend when my brother was in town, he put Skype onto my laptop, so we could converse and see the parents.  His family regularly communicate this way.  It was rather interesting to do. It felt like something out of “The Jetsons”.  On the negative, Spos tend to talk all at once, over each other, and don’t often listen to each other*. Skype worsens this bad habit viz. there are 2-3 people on one end talking to 2-3 people at the other end.  It may ‘save time’ but oh the chatter.

I also do ‘Facetime”. On most weekends I ‘facetime’ my blogger buddy Ron to find out what he is up to. I am not a technophile, but I appreciate whoever made Facetime, for I enjoy these face to face weekly chats.

Both forms of visual communication make me wary out of vanity. In both set ups I make sure I am not looking slatternly, or the room untidy.

If any Spo-fans use Skype or Facetime and wish to chat, I would be keen to do so. I need the practice and it would be jolly good fun.