Someone bought a new computer.

We’ve been meaning to purchase a new one for some time. Our old one, probably purchased in 2000, is so frustrating that neither one of us wants to us it. For convenience and speed, my MacBook Pro beats it by a country mile. Even my old Dell laptop (which Someone used until the screen went dark) is faster than the dinosaur in the office. Our ‘home computer’ runs as slow as molasses in January so neither one of us wants to use it. Apparently it is overflowing its banks, and there is no room in it despite purging it of ‘crud’.  As a consequence, you could bake a cake during the time is takes to pull anything up. It also freezes a great deal, apparently from having ‘no working memory’ or something. I figured it has atherosclerosis or a virus or was simply possessed by demons.

Someone purchased a HP.  I wanted an Apple product, but he wouldn’t have it. He explains someday he hopes to reenter the workplace; he feels the business world runs on Windows – the home computer needs compatibility. I think the real reason is he doesn’t want a Mac is he doesn’t want to be one of the Pod People.  Well, he will be using the new computer more than I, so fair is fair. Besides, he did all the research. Someone does a very good job investigating something before we buy something, so our purchase was well thought out.  I don’t understand computer lingo, but he explains the new HP holds a lot more*, and it will fun faster, and be more user-friendly.

As I type (on my Mac) he is in the other room, on the floor, under the desk, connecting wires and such.  I look forward to an iTunes library that doesn’t take 20 minutes to pull up. Perhaps Mr. Pewitt’s computer will provide some new bells and whistles for blogging.

We tend to replace computers every ten years, so I hope it works well enough.


*The HP has something called tetrabytes; the old Dell had only gigabytes.  Whatever that means.