Mozart composed music in his head and wrote them out, complete and without any need for editing. Puccini did the opposite; he wrote out the basic tune and worked at it, editing and re-editing sometimes to the point his publisher could not figure out what was the finished project.

I am definitely in the Puccini camp when it comes to writing blog entries. I write down a basic idea like chicken wire on which to hang the details.  Each paragraph fattens up with expanded notions and details.

Then, comes the editing.

This is the part which drives me bats, for no matter how many times I reread my composition, I find further needs for editing or refinement.  I am like a fussy florist who is not content with a finished project but must keep rearranging things hoping to make it even better. Worse, I keep finding errors that arise from the continual tampering.  I swear some literary gremlin rearranges my words, Even after a piece is published I find – yet again – misspelled words or grammar errors. Perhaps WordPress mixes things up after I click ‘Publish’.

Spo-fans occasionally spot these errors and tell me, for they tend to be comical.  I’ve a fancy to get my five years of blogging published into a book, but this means going through every entry looking for blatant errors. I would have to avoid temptation to rewrite things I think ‘need improving’.  I hate the notion of reading five years of blogging and see only the typos and syntax errors.

Year #6 is coming up next month. Perhaps I should try more “write and publish and be damned”.   It would certainly be less time consuming not to pick at the blemishes.

ADDENDUM: it is December 2016 and I am still editing these things in preparation for publishing in 2017. By then I will be resigned to publishing everything warts and all.