This weekend we go to Flagstaff Arizona for the weekend. We will stay at the fabulous Starlight Pines B&B. The owners are dears; they are well over four feet. A quiet weekend at the Starlight is the tonic for burnout, and I need this badly. I am beginning to feel like a pad of butter spread over too much bread.

We go this weekend for an early anniversary celebration. We met on 1/31/97. I am confused if this means we have been together for 15 years or this is our 15th anniversary. I guess by now the number doesn’t really much matter. And after so many years it hardly seems a whoop-de-doo matter.  We will enjoy the company of the innkeepers. We may go into town and patronize the tourist shops (if the weather is not too cold). We will have a nice dinner somewhere. I want to bring along some sparkling wine, for we will stay in the room with a fireplace. Hopefully we can stir up some excitement after years of complacency and months of being worn down from attrition.

Every year I am surprised he hasn’t thrown me out for some one new, some one who sits still or focuses when he talks. He could easily find someone who is more tidy with misplaced beverages and doesn’t come with a large family as squirrely as he is.

But he sticks with me, for which I am honored and grateful. I hope for another 15 years, Lord willing. I would like to give it a try.