I have awoken from “The Good Sleep”.  Once in a while – and alas it is not often – I have the sort of sleep that is deep, restorative, and lovely. I call this “The Good Sleep”.  All sleep ought to be this way, but it isn’t. The difference between “sleep” and “The Good Sleep” is vast – like store bought tomatoes in January vs. August’s home growns.

For The Good Sleep to occur, several elements must come together: the subsequent day has to have no work nor plans. I don’t have to get up and go anywhere. It often happens eve of a holiday or a weekend, for a touch of excitement is needed.  The setting for a Good Sleep needs a sense of safety, viz. being in a cozy place located somewhere secure or familiar like the parent’s house or a favorite B&B.  Not as important is a contrast of the bedroom to the outside world. For example, last night it was below 20 degrees outside, while inside the room was warm as toast. I could hear the old furnace two floors below purring like an old cat.

Normally I get up at 530AM, full of ‘there’s work to be done’ thoughts and actions. Last night’s Good Sleep lasted from 1030PM to 730AM, which was a treat.  I woke feeling well and rested. I feel refreshed; I feel peaceful.  These are the parting gifts of A Good Sleep.

I normally sleep OK, which is like saying I normally eat the same ho-hum meals with mindful watching of portion size and oh so practical contents.  Food as fuel: it keeps me going.  The Good Sleep is a gourmet meal. I may not get one frequently but it is oh so delicious when it occurs.

And with that said, I smell the B&B breakfast cooking. We are having some sort of fancy breakfast souffle; an apt companion to The Good Sleep.