I am curious to know what my fellow bloggers (and Spo-fans) make of this:

I am dropping a blog from my reading list.  The emotional issue: this blogger never stops by mine.

I read dozens of blogs; I visit them on a regular basis.  Some bloggers write regularly, others infrequently. Naturally, some blogs are more interesting to me than others. But they all have in common I enjoy them. They are entertaining, and the writers dear to me.

Once in a while I lose one when the writer says “adieu” to blogging or simply disappears. This always makes me sad. I remind myself this is a hobby.  It is one thing to sustain a boring job, but a boring hobby makes no sense!  My point is: they depart from me.

So it is rare for me to pull the plug on an active blog I like.

There is no “Miss Manners Guide to Proper Blogging Etiquette”. No one is obliged to “stop by anything”nor is there obligation to ‘leave a calling card’ of  the visit with a comment.  By the way, I always try to leave a word when I read someone’s entry, as a sort of ‘thank you for your writing today’.  I believe my  comment lets them know I was there – and I appreciate their industry.

This dropped blogger – let’s call him or her “Q” – has never left comment or dropped by my blog (so far as I recall). When I leave a comment with “Q”, which I do frequently, there is no acknowledgement nor any reciprocation.  I suspect Q doesn’t want warm strokes (apparently I do). But I have lots of blogs to read: so to trim my blog time I figured Q was the one to go.

It feels childish of me to do this. It feels a lot like “I show mine and Q doesn’t reciprocate” .   It reminds me of the time  when I tried dating a woman in college, until I realized her pleasant indifference was her subtle statement  ‘I am not interested; please do away”.

I guess I wanted Q to give me a one time thank you for being a reader, or a reciprocal visit –  just enough to know I was more than just somebody passing through.

Oh well, I will focus on the dozens of blogs left, and not worry about it.

I suspect in a few months I won’t remember Q’s blog; I will have forgotten where to find it.