After such emotionally charged topics such as blog-dropping and anniversaries, it is time for some whiskey.

When we were boys, our father conveyed there were some drinks preferred by men and some more for the women.  Whiskey was a man’s drink. If you were with business associates or clients, whiskey was always a safe drink to have, for it conveyed you were a gentleman.  I have managed to learn all of father’s suggestions of what a gentleman should know but this one. Whisky is the last frontier. Paging Mr. Walker……

I am familiar with tea and wine, for I drink them often. I have an experienced palate for them. But I don’t no nothing about no whiskey.  Even the nomenclature confuses me. There is whisky vs. whiskey vs. bourbon vs. whatever.  What is moonshine by the way?

Brother #3, who is a gentleman, enjoys a good whiskey. My first boyfriend, who was a lush, also drank whiskey.  Someone would sooner eat rats in Tewksbury than drink whisky. He never drinks ‘anything brown’.  So my little “Whiskey 101” adventure is a solo job.

It turns out whisky is like wine viz. there’s a lot of it, in various styles and qualities. What I have tasted so ain’t too bad. I just have to learn to not giggle when I look the bartender in the eye and say “Give it to me straight”.

Last weekend a bartender gave me a few thimbles full of various whiskies for a blind tasting. I seem to like whiskies that are spicy and complex, and a bit bitter – like my men. I was surprised to discover my taste buds voted for Old Grand Dad. Someone informs me if I start drinking OGD we may as well move to a trailer.  Perhaps I need to ‘put out’ as it were, and pay for some more expensive blends. I don’t know what worries me more: to discover I prefer the cheap stuff or the really expensive types.

What I want to do is find a certain whisky that used to advertise itself using a cartoon of a man. The gentleman dons a sports jacket, wearts glasses, and has no mouth nor pupils (ala Little Orphan Annie). Best yet, he is sporting a bow tie. How frustrating for me: after months of seeing this ad, I can no longer remember the whiskey, nor can I find a copy of the ad.

This week I sample Buffalo Trace Whisky, which sounds more “cowboy” than “gentleman”.

I live in Arizona, after all.