Spo-fans know one of my favorite authors is Alice Thomas Ellis. I recently reread some of her shorter essays on her observances of everyday endeavors. I’d forgotten she uses the expression ‘barking mad’ to describe the absurdities she sees around her in the U.K.

Ms. Ellis, there is no lack of ‘barking mad’ on this side of the pond.  The comments to my last entry suggest barking mad drivers are ubiquitous throughout the States.

Here in Arizona we have a new medicinal MJ law; every patient I have seen so far who has this license got it to support a habit; not one of them is doing it for medicinal purposes, but to get stoned.  Speaking of  ‘barking mad’ at work, I see patients all day long with erroneous beliefs  no amount of reason can budge. Patients blame their medicines for their cognition and weight problems, but continue to drink a fifth every night and eat nothing but fast food.  They are either wary of pharmaceuticals – but make exception for xanax, valium and adderall- or they rely on pharmaceuticals to fix their social problems.

Patient Ignorance I understand, but Ignorance in politics makes me want to pack up the house and move to New Zealand. The barking madness of Mr. Gingrich et. al. is only surpassed by the masses who agree with him.

Arizona is chock full of barkers. The county in which I reside has one of the most awful sheriffs, yet people from out of state send him money to support his nasty ways. Our Governor made headlines for being nasty with the President. Curtesy and tolerance of other’s differences does not exist here in the Valley of the Sun – and people are proud of it!

I wish there was a Milo among us to once again battle the Demons of Ignorance and rescue Rhyme and Reason.  For the former are legion, and barking mad – and there are precious few signs of the later.

PS – I wrote this entry earlier today. Later this evening  Someone and I had a process of current events, in a way. No doubt Ms. Ellis  include us among the barkers, but at least I feel better.