It is Sunday evening and I am feeling a bit cross. I am doing paperwork. Every once in a while I have to “prove myself” to this or that medical credentialing institution. This involves a scavenger hunt of trivial pursuit questions (Example: the address where I went to school in 1988) combined with a list of denial questions as long as my arm. It is a wonder how anyone passes nowadays; between having to be a saint and the time it takes to prove so, I see why some of the older docs prefer to retire.

I realize as I type this I am missing watching The Superbowl. Someone is watching “Law and Order”, so it seems a bust here at Spo House. We are both watching Calories, so I feel relieved I’ve dodged a lot of nasty high calorie couch potato fodder.

The weekend hasn’t been all red tape. I finished with a shirt I promised a friend in time for his birthday.

This flamingo based shirt only needs its buttons. Someone volunteers to do this, which I appreciate. To this day I don’t sew buttons well. I prefer to use the sewing machine.  I got to get cracking on the next shirt, for it too will be a birthday present this month.

Last night we attended a party. I ended up talking to a fellow from Portland OR, named Andy. I mentioned I have blogger buddies there; Andy didn’t know exactly what a ‘blog’ is, so I explained. I added I knew some bloggers in Portland. I described a few and it turns out he knows Arnie and his partner Blair. Small world, no?

This week will be a slurry of activity. The painter comes tomorrow to paint the outside; Someone wants to shampoo the carpets. Next week is our ‘Key (South)West”. We want to get the place tidied for their arrival.

I may have a nip of whisky or bourbon or scotch or something of its ilk and tune in at half time to see Madonna. “She is an icon to our people” says Someone.  I just hope her pointed bra stays on.