Writers are a queer lot. Some are “artistes” expressing themselves through words.  They have the paradox they use words to describe what can not be said in words.  These sorts have to write; they have no choice in the matter.

Then there are the writers who write for a job. If a better opportunity came up with better salary they would forgo writing for a better offer.

In between are some professional writers who want to make their living as writers. Their goal is to write books or poetry. This group wants more than income; they want some attention.

Blogger writers seem to be a mixture of the first and the third viz. they have an itch to write and express themselves, and they hope someone will enjoy it.  But this is seldom predictable.

My blogger buddies will appreciate what I am talking about here. They will write something trivial or impromptu and lo! it receives an avalanche of praise and comment. Sometimes bloggers write something they feel is marvelous prose, only to hear crickets.  I read blogs with eloquent writing who get no comment; I read blogs whose writers merely have to report a itch and they get dozens of comments. It’s a funny world, writing on-line.

I continue to strive to write primarily what I want to write. All the same, it intrigues me to see what gets a reaction out of the Spo-fans (or the Board of Directors). After five years of scribbling, I see no patterns; there is no Rhyme nor Reason.

In summary Spo-fans are a fascinating and mercurial bunch.