Last night it was warm enough to keep the windows open. While this allowed some ventilation, it also brought in pollution and pollen. I awoke this morning at 430AM with a stuffy nose. Sitting up was the only way to breathe, so sleeping was a bust. I went to the kitchen, made a cup of tea, and had a slice of pizza (Breakfast of Champions).  I read my blogs and now I am typing away.  There is a mild satisfaction to be up in the quiet of the predawn.

In a few hours (sooner perhaps, for they are on Central Time) our guests will wake and we will go to Southern Arizona.  There are five of us: Someone, The Best Friend, DougT of Gossamer Tapestry, and his partner Leon AKA The Wild One.  We will travel in two cars, which allows us several passenger permutations for gossiping about those in the other car.  (The Best Friend has announced where ever he is is the “A” car). We have several hours, with nothing to do but talk.

I haven’t done a dime’s worth of work in preparing for this trip; Someone did all the arrangements. Thanks to the new car’s GPS my life long role as Map-master is kaput. I’ve been outsourced. I guess I can adopt the role of pointing out interesting sights such as a field of cows, or read the billboards, both known to make Someone bats. All he wants to do is listen to Satellite Radio  – Broadway channel.

I don’t know if there is an agenda once we get to Bisbee.  DougT knows a blogger down there, so we may meet up with him. Hiking is proposed by some; shopping by others.  Worse case scenario: read one of the many books piled up on my “To Read” shelf.

Well, I hear the rumblings of waking friends. I better get the breakfast things out. We are having bloody marys and/or mimosas.  I think there may be food as well.