We are back from Southern Arizona for a day prior to heading out to California tomorrow morning.  While my friends are touring Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Talesin West, I am using this ‘day off’ to attend some appointments.

A haircut and beard trim is always good for a trip to Palm Springs. I visited the dentist to attend to the choppers – or gnashers, as Raybeard calls them.  I don’t care much for going to the dentist. Normally they want to sell me all sorts of cosmetic services I didn’t even know I wanted.  I got a cavity filled, which the dentist did in no time at all. My teeth were horribly stained, apparently  from the continual consumption of tea.  They were cleaned in a jiffy, just in time for flashing a winning smile on Palm Canyon Drive.

Now I am at The Good Doctor, waiting for the seasonal report on blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.  I don’t like to trouble The Good Doctor; I like being a ‘good patient’ who does what is told and minds his meds and keeps his appointments and does not complain.  After all, I am often on the receiving end of the doctor-patient dyad.  I also have learned to be polite to everyone, especially the receptionist. I am no fool;  I know who runs a doctor’s office! Hopefully this appointment is just another ‘Things look good and come back in another six months’ routine.  If cholesterol/TG/LDLs are elevated I don’t know much else I can do about them. Sometimes I feel like a sinking ship with no more freight to throw overboard.

So the check-list is done: good health, lots of gym appointments, a haircut, and whiter teeth. Off to Palm Springs.

It would be nice there to have my ego stroked just once by a stranger’s furtive glance.

P.S. The cholesterol, TG, blood pressure, HDLs, and nasty LDLs tests were all just fine thank you very much. So I get to ‘reward’ myself this weekend by having french fries.  This sounds much more satisfying than “a furtive glance”.  Which would you rather have?????