I recently read an article about some sort of “Facebook rating” companies allegedly use when screening applicants for possible employment. This makes me wonder: in my line of work there is a lot of emphasis on “Evidence based Medicine” viz. scientific data to support the use of this or that treatment. If this “Facebook rating” exists, I would be keen to see the “Evidence Based” data on its efficacy.

I am on Facebook and I write this blog, so my privacy is basically thrown out the window. Hopefully I write nothing of which I am ashamed (after all, my relatives and patients read this stuff).  Despite my attempts to keep things “PG-13” I suspect nobody is going to hire me now. I fear my Facebook rating must be a low one.  I probably don’t have enough friends (only a lot of relatives), and/or I don’t say the right things.  It is my curse in life to always on the “B” list.

Some of my blog links lead to sordid and scandalous sites, but they have ‘Content warning’ admission sites.  If anyone should complain, I will take the Mae West approach and tell them they could have turned it off.  I am not ashamed of these associations, but I admit I can’t run now for public office.  Oh how disappointing.  But it is a small price to pay for artistic freedom and being a smart-ass.

Being an unemployed anathema is a probably a “neurotic what if”, for I don’t know of any unemployed doctors. I continually receive job offers (steady work is nearly certain when you are making a living off of human suffering).  I only hope future hirers will find my Facebook and WordPress postings at least entertaining before they tell me in some euphemistic way to shove off.