I was going to try to be clever and write an entry of ‘oscar blog winners’, but I did that before. So I thought I would imitate those ‘5 on 5’ or ‘6 on 6’ or whatever number is it supposed to be.  Today is 2/26, and I only have seven photos, but they are fraught with artistic expression and meaning….

As you can see it is a depraved Sunday here at the House of Spo. It’s a dog’s life, to be sure, carrying on all this reprobate living. Just don’t tell Mr. Santorum.

Please ignore my right foot, unless you are good at giving feet rubs.This is the traveling attache for homework papers and chart. It may be my most difficult case, but I can get it to open up from time to time.

On to the kitchen…..

This is the Erik Memorial Rubber Duck altar. The fellow in the front row has on his chest the words –  “Syphilis Happens”.

My latest shirt; a work in progress. This one’s for George, my adopted Godfather, who likes to dress in African “regal” attire.

Someone is in the background, making lemon-lime sorbet with lemons from our backyard.

In the backyard I notice the pepper potted plants needs picking and pruning – pronto.

As you can see, the neighbors in the house overlooking our backyard can observe us from their upstairs windows. If they are a-peeping, they haven’t let on they are doing so. I’ve had no visits from police about complaints of indecency. Perhaps this is because I would inquire “Who is seeing this?”. I would ask not so much to tell them to stop peoping but to charge them my usual viewing fee.