We had clement weather last weekend.  Our latest out of town guest (from the far off Kingdom of Chicago) was delighted to sit in full sunshine and temperatures in the high 70s. There is a sense of spring in the air, although it is not even March. We were able to eat outdoors a few times.

We don’t have daffodils, more’s the pity. I love them and what they represent viz. the awakening of the earth. The ground is too nasty for bulbs, and it never gets cold enough to set them.  I got out my floral tie.

Between the weather and work outs I am feeling ‘wound up’ as it were.  I appreciate that the sap still rises in this aging oak*.  All this spring fever includes wanderlust.

The tarot card for March is the Ace of Cups, which heralds new emotional matters. I wonder what that is all about, for spring looks to be more mundane: I need to start my taxes. I want to lose the five pounds gained since January.

The mentioned guest departs tomorrow, which leaves The Spo and Someone B&B vacant and ready to continue with house projects. The ‘To-do’ list doesn’t lack variety. There is a sizeable hole in the laundry room ceiling which should be repaired before the summer rains ensue (sooner than we realize).  I would like to sell or discard grandmother’s Hammond organ, taking up space in the guest room for 7 years.  Someone talks about painting the master bedroom.

So that is about all the news for the end of February.

*Yes, I know, sap is in Maple trees, not Oak, but I prefer Oak. Clever dicks and botanists needn’t bother to point out my mixed metaphor.