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This Saturday morning is blessed for it is the first weekend in some time which doesn’t involve house guests.  I’ve enjoyed their company, but it is nice to wake up to no obligations.  I slept in to 7AM (oh the luxury of it all!).  I am ready for the day.

Of course this means composing a list.  I am compelled to make one whenever I have a handful of half-baked ideas flitting around in my globus pallidus.  Someone finds my mania for list-making absurd; he can organize and retain a dozen thoughts without pen and paper. All power to him. Some of us with hummingbird brains need a little peripheral assistance. Making a ‘to do” list is my secondary central nervous system. It is sort of like Hamburger Helper for the Hyperactive.

Homework.  What is a weekend without some, I wonder? And there is a lot of it. I forget my laptop extension cord one day last week. I was obliged to scribble out my notes. Now, they all want dictating. I hope I can remember the details.  Someone wants to get his hair cut, so that time will be a good to don my dictation apparel and crank them out.

Gym. The Personal Trainer has me to down to do calesthetics as well as ‘shoulder work’.  I feel foolish doing jumping jacks and making sudden leaps back and forth. I don’t do them very well or long, which is probably why he has me doing them.  Blech.

Sewing.  George’s birthday was on 2/25 and his birthday shirt is only half-way done. I need to get cracking or it will be 12/25 and it will have to be a Christmas present instead.  The pattern has stripes, which are a bitch, for there is no wiggle room to fudge things. I must go work slowly and think twice before I cut or sew anything.

Taxes.  Normally they are done by now, but with house guests they have been delayed.  Someone does the preliminary work and I send them to good Mr. Dunn in Chicago, who has been doing my taxes since the 80s. Last year we had a frightful time with the income taxes: I hope this year doesn’t go so badly. We could use a tax return to help pay for the repairing the laundry room ceiling.

Dialogue.  After all this ho-hum work it would be nice at the end of the day to engage Someone in a discussion of The Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of the Sale of Indulgences, or something similar. He’s had a cold this week, so he’s been disinterested in spiritual and religious intercourse, as it were. I hope to mount my theses and have redemption by grace, in a way.

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