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At breakfast Someone announced we are not going to the Madonna concert. A few weeks ago I brought up the possibility as a fancy. To say “We have tickets to see Madonna” is always good for supper invite. It would also make a great story to tell our grandchildren. He discovered the “nosebleed seats” (with obstructed view) start at 80$. ‘Proper seats’ cost 355$. I had to agree: I don’t wish to pay 355$ to hear Madonna.  We shell out quite a bit to attend the opera, but somehow this feels different. For 355$ we can buy her newest album and donate the rest of the money to feed a UNICEF family for a month.

Someone can think of no one he would put down that kind of cash to attend.**  I agreed with him – at the time. But as we put away the breakfast things I pondered this profundity:

“Is there anybody I am willing to spend 355$ to hear?”

Enya and Kate Bush come to my mind.  They have in common neither ‘goes on tour’, so if either of these Diva-Goddesses did so,  it would be once in a life time event.  After all, I am a votary in the high and austere order of Enyaites (Someone would stay home for that one, to be sure).  It is the same for Ms. Bush. I would be willing to shell out 355$ to say I did it (the T-shirt alone would be worth the price; just don’t drink the home-ground coffee at the concession stand).

Over lunch I deduced I would also pay 355$ to hear Kay Thompson. If she went back on the road it would be quite a sensation, mostly because she is dead.

This is not so absurd or impossible as you think. I have seen few singers “live in concert” who had died, in their way.

 **If memory serves me, once upon a time he and the first Mrs. Someone put out $$$ to hear Ms. Streisand in concert. 

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